Established: We have been operating in the CPM market for 17 years and are familiar with a range of legacy systems and new technologies in this highly specialist field. That’s why we clearly understand our clients’ problems - and why we’re able to translate them into focused, efficient and results-led solutions.  Our reputation for excellence arises from having lasting relationships with clients, whilst providing smooth-running continuity in the provision of key resources. These factors result in our ability to deliver high level client service that places us in the forefront of our industry.



Scalable: We provide scalable client support that is customised to our client’s needs, enabling us to combine the benefits of team synergies with the efficiencies of on-demand consulting.


Broad Experience: Our extensive cross-industry and multi-product CPM experience is invaluable in guiding our clients through the complexities of CPM.  As a result, our customers are able to rapidly identify and acquire the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions. Our consultants include qualified project managers, finance professionals and technical experts, all of whom are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their CPM goals. Our insight and depth of experience ensures that our project teams maximise the tangible benefits and in-depth effectiveness of product and service delivery. 


Collaboration: We see a collaborative approach as the cornerstone of any successful implementation and believe that a high quality consultant-client dialogue is critical to ensure that complex issues are rapidly identified and common solutions agreed.  As a result, our consultants are known for their collaborative, supportive and positive working style, which ensures quick integration with client teams and rapid productivity.


Versatile: We are able to act in both an advisory and/or hands-on capacity and adapt well to the different corporate styles and backgrounds of the teams and organisations within which we work. Each of our consultants has technical, financial and project management expertise allied to strong commercial instincts. This ensures our ability to deliver cross-functional and adaptable consulting services to any stage of a project’s lifecycle. Indeed, in the current economic climate, CPM initiatives are increasingly being evaluated in terms of cost. The versatility of our consulting team means that we are able to offer cost-effective consultancy options without any compromise in quality.


Flexible: CPM projects invariably change in terms of both scope and requirements. Our pragmatic and flexible approach enables us to adjust our resource mix to effectively resolve any new problems and challenges. Moreover, we have a proven track record of delivering top quality solutions that exceed and extend the capabilities of the core products on which they are based.


Resourceful: We provide a wide range of resources, each appropriate for specific elements and stages of a project that can be assembled rapidly into strong, multi-disciplinary teams. Our support service can also assist our clients through testing times, such as when staff turnover occurs. Continuity in smooth running internal systems can be ensured through the provision of appropriate interim resource and best practice instruction for new employees. Furthermore, our Service Partner relationships allow us to tap into a wide resource pool and deliver specialist knowledge on a temporary basis for specific phases of an implementation.



Partnership: At Rinedata, we view our clients as business partners. In doing so, we foster an atmosphere of mutual trust, understanding, respect and support. We believe our services are differentiated by this partnership ethos and we encourage its development in every assignment.